Knowledge is Power

In the gnomish principality of Zilargo, the greatest collection of knowledge in all of Khorvaire is located in the Library of Korranberg.

On the surface, Zilargo is a place of comfort and smiles. The gnomes are easy-going and industrious people who value learning and inventiveness. Zilargo also has no crime. Rumors tell of a shadowy agency known only as The Trust that makes troublemakers quietly disappear.

In the shadowed eaves of the halls of learning, more sinister rumors abound. It goes unremarked upon that certain people end up vanishing without a trace in Zilargo, as the Trust is an accepted fact amongst the gnome populace. More unnerving are the furtive whispers about family members changing personalities overnight, and of others walking the streets in a daze. In hushed voices, a phrase is spoken with increasing dread, “the darkness dreams.”

Players take the part of Associates of the Library, members of one of the various colleges all with an intense and cut-throat rivalry between each other.

Agents of the Secret City

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