Agents of the Secret City

Barrakas, Wir 25th, dusk
adventure log

At the masquerade ball, Barmunda was conspicuously absent. A celebratory dance and fireworks display was followed by the arrival of The Dark Lady, an elemental airship disgorging an contingent of Karrnath representatives of the new Arcane Academy led by one Captain Lycandar D’Deneith.

Vireo Venticarlo, meanwhile, was approached by Admiral Saber Goldstorm, doyen of Aurion’s Holt and scion of House Sivis. He entreated Venticarlo and the rest of Claw Claw Bite to meet him in his office after the ball to discuss their first research project.

This introduction was followed by the arrival of the Fifth Avenue Irregulars research group, carrying between them a large artifact from the mysterious continent of Xen’drik.

Upon the unveiling of the artifact, party-goers began to fall ill, caught by dizzy spells and fainting. Then a savage ogre leapt into the ball from the hold of The Dark Lady and Karrnathi archers attempted to pin down the crowd. It was only through the intervention of Claw Claw Bite that the Karrnathi academy didn’t make off with the artifact. The archers were slain and the ogre taken alive, though Captain D’Deneith managed to escape to The Dark Lady with his life, if only barely. Furthermore, the entirety of the Fifth Avenue Irregulars research group was slaughtered in the fight.

Yet when dean of the Library, Ser Reginald Hawkdragon, grabbed the Xen’Drik artifact, it reacted violently and even now the whole of the Library dome is shining with its golden light.

The Records of Claw Claw Bite
A blog for Agents of the Secret City

Barrakas, Wir 25th

The research group of Claw Claw Bite having just been formed by ace students of the Library of Korranberg, set out in search of their own agendas as well as the preparation for the night’s gala masquerade ball held atop the Library dome that very evening by the Arch-Dean Ser Reginald Hawkdragon and the senior faculty.

Corvas Coralyn D’Sivis, being bereft of funds, collected stray copies of the Korranberg Chronicle with his manservant Jackdaw and constructed a stilt-legged bird costume from them.

Handout: Korranberg Chronicle #1.

Morg, Dox, and Barmunda Spizella met at the Grand Library. Morg, frustrated with a racist scribe, smashed the information kiosk counter to splinters and was summarily banned from the stacks. Barmunda, using the incident as a distraction, stole the volumes Practical Necromancy and A Treatise on Dollurh from the stacks and fenced them for a total of 60 gp.

Vireo Venticarlo, meanwhile, went searching for his old laboratory in the dangerous halls of Blackdragon. What he found were strange men dressed in red robes with the insignia of the Karrnath military on black arm-bands. He went to report their presence to Mistress Astoria, the doyen of the college, but in her absence encountered only her assistant the twitchy Aldrin Scarro. Scarro revealed that the Karrnathi were allowed free roam of the Library via the largess of Ser Hawkdragon and the senior faculty. During the conversation, Scarro tipped an alchemical substance onto his desk’s paperwork, which caused it to animate and attack both Scarro and Venticarlo.

Venticarlo defended Scarro’s life valiently, fighting off the paperwork, though some escaped out the window during the scuffle.

Everyone save Venticarlo met in the Bookbinder’s Quarter and, having found a coupon for Madame DuMasque’s mask and costume shop, decided to head to the docks where the shop was found and get masks for the evening’s ball. On the way, Morg spotted a Karrnath military contingent with more of the robed figures that Venticarlo had spotted earlier and confronted them. He was paid short shrift however, and they did not even accept his literature regarding Morg’s cloister.

DuMasque’s shop is a shack built into the crow’s next of a sunken war galley from the Last War known as the Pride of Aundair. Most of the ship is submerged in the harbor, and rumored to be haunted. The crow’s nest however, contains the shop and is attached to the docks by a rope bridge. It is here that a piece of animate paperwork from Scarro’s desk that had attached itself to D’Sivis’ costume came loose and attacked the group. It was more fearsome than the ones that Venticarlo had faced earlier, but was still swiftly dispatched by Claw Claw Bite.

Morg, being bereft of funds, performed some menial labor for Madame DuMasque and received a gnome illusionist costume in recompense. Barmunda purchased a Talentan witch doctor costume. Dox purchased a doctor’s costume.

As dusk falls, the grand masquerade is set to begin.


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