College Themes


Players should create characters that attend one of the following colleges, and upon doing so may take the theme associated with that college. The colleges and themes are as follows:

Order Acolyte

You were approached and accepted into a secret illuminated order dedicated to the Silver Flame. This theme grants you the advantages of the Order Adept theme, save for the following changes:

  1. Argent Rain is a Divine, not Arcane power.
  2. At level 5 you gain a +2 bonus to Religion checks, and you can choose cleric utility powers of a particular level or lower when you gain or retrain utility powers of that level. If you can already choose cleric utility powers, you gain a free level 2 cleric utility power. This replaces the normal level 5 benefit.
  3. At level 10, your bonus to Religion checks increases to +4. This replaces the normal level 10 skill benefit, though you still gain a +2 bonus to Will.
  4. The Extension power is a divine variant rather than arcane.
  5. Replace any instance of the word ‘arcane’ with ‘divine’ for both the Far Reaching and Mnemonic Enhancer powers.

Historian Theme

Starting Feature

Benefits: Gain one language from: Draconic, Giant, or Goblin.
Gain History as a class skill. If you already have History, gain a +2 Theme Bonus to History.]

Holistic Historian Historian Attack
Your in-depth study grants you sudden insight, giving you or an ally an overwhelming if momentary advantage.
Immediate Interrupt Close Burst 5

Trigger: You or an ally makes an attack or a check against a target.
Target: A creature of a type matching one of your Historian language selections (i.e. aberrations for Deep Speech, dragons for Draconic, etc.)
Effect: Gain a +5 Power Bonus to the triggered action.

Level 5

Benefits: Choose another language: (Draconic, Giant, Goblin, Elven, Argon)

Level 10

Benefits: Choose another language: (Draconic, Giant, Goblin, Elven, Argon, Deep Speech, Quori)
Gain the Skill Focus feat in: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature or Religion.

Optional Powers

Strategist’s Epiphany at Level 2, Historical Revelation at Level 6, and Tactician’s Measure at Level 10 (all History skill powers from Player’s Handbook 3).

College Themes

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